Facing Conspiracy Allegations With a Professional Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Conspiracy criminal charges in California fall under Penal Code Section 182. Conspiracy sentencing is parallel to the sentencing for the underlying felony which the parties allegedly conspired to commit. If the underlying felony is one with various degrees, then the jury or court that finds the person guilty shall decide the degree of the underlying felony. If the conspiracy is to commit more than one felony, and the person is found guilty of only one count of conspiracy for all the felonies committed, then sentencing for the conspiracy count will be parallel to the felony that has the greatest term of confinement. Additional punishment for a conviction of conspiracy may include fines and other consequences which should be discussed with a professional defense lawyer. Civil conspiracy claims do not carry jail or prison time, but instead can lead to substantial money judgments. For additional information please visit our home page or call (310) 503-6213.