DUI and Drug Crimes

Speak to a professional quickly if you or someone you care about has been arrested for a DUI or drug related crime. Reading the law does not win cases, but knowing the law and acting quickly can. DUI convictions can result in lengthy driver license suspension and a mark on a person's criminal record that may cause the loss of employment, violations of probation, and professional license revocation. Mary Masi has handled over two thousand DUI and drug crime related matters including first, second, and third time offenses resulting in reduced charges and complete dismissal in many cases. Most recently, a client enjoyed having a DUI case reduced to the lowest available related charge called speed exhibition with the DMV dismissing the driver's license suspension entirely. She has also successfully litigated preliminary hearings in serious DUI with injury cases invovling prior felony probation, and prevailed in vehicular homicide litigation. No delays, call for immediate professional DUI and drug crime consultation: (310) 503-6213.

DUI and drug crime arrests are not uncommon in Los Angeles due to the statutory legal limit of .08% blood alcohol level or higher under California law. If the person arrested was taken into custody it is important to have an experienced DUI attorney ready to make every available argument for dismissal or reduced charges early in the case. Arraignment is the first court appearance and it may be possible to argue for dismissal at that time if the person is still in custody. At arriagnment it will also be possible for your criminal defense attorney to request release on the person's own recognizance (O.R) and get out of jail. If the peson is not in jail and was issued a citation with a court date for arraignment then a seasoned DUI attorney should be consulted prior to the arraignment hearing. If bail was previously posted, then a legal argument for O.R. at arraignment may be made so that bail can be exonerated. Be aware that drunk driving is one of the primary types of criminal cases that requires a skilled criminal lawyer to attend the very first hearing in court. In addition, to avoid suspension of your driver's license, you must request a hearing at the DMV within 10 days of receiving a citation for DUI. Act quickly to protect your license and your criminal record.

Covering All the Bases in Felony and Misdemeanor DUI/Drug Crime Cases With a Skilled Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Lawyer

Mary Masi Law maintains relationships with the best treatment facilities and rehabs in Los Angeles to provide alternative sentencing and treatment programs for DUI and drug crime clients. When alternative sentencing is not an option or the client feels that they have been unfairly prosecuted, she is not afraid to take a DUI or druge crime case to trial. The decision whether to plea bargain or demand trial is a constitutional right held soley by the person accused, not the DUI or drug crime lawyer. This decision should only be made after being fully advised of the potential risks and advantages based on the evidence. Some clients have ultimately demanded their Constitutional right to trial by jury, and were thrilled that Mary Masi provided a sophisticated legal defense and won the trial or achieved dismissal on their behalf. As a criminal DUI and drug crime lawyer, Ms. Masi works closely with judges and prosecutors to resolve cases as quickly as possible, without rushing to plea bargain unless it is in the best interest of her client. She knows that it is not always best for a client to rush to plead no contest without first thoroughly considering the long term impact on their criminal record and potential violations of probation in the future. Pleading guilty or no contest in order to do an alcohol program and community service may not be the most legally beneficial way to proceed. A Skilled analysis of the legal issues should always be performed in order to determine whether the charges could be dismissed for insufficient evidence, or dismissed on grounds of search and seizure Constitutional violations, or perhaps the charges could be reduced. Fortunately, in most misdemeanor DUI cases, a citation is issued with a court date for arraignment so that the legal issues can be analyzed while the client is out of custody. However, if there have been previous failures to appear and release from custody is denied by the judge, then clients may have the option of posting bail. Most bail bondsmen in California require an up-front payment of 10% of the bail amount imposed by the judge.

Brief Summary of DUI and Drug Crime Proceedings in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Courts With a Skilled Criminal Lawyer

Court proceedings start with arraignment for the DUI or drug crime charges with a professional criminal lawyer present in court. When a person is in custody at arraignment, oral arguments may be made for release O.R. and an oral motion may be made by the lawyer for the accused person pursuant to Penal Code Section 991 in misdemeanor cases. 991 motions argue that the facts described in the four corners of the arrest report are insufficient to sustain all of the elements of a DUI offense. If the motion is granted, then the DUI case is dismissed on the spot. If the case is not dismissed at arraignment, then a decision must be made whether to plead guilty, no contest or not guilty, or request a waiver of time to enter a plea at a later date. This decision is best made with the counsel of a seasoned DUI lawyer or drug crime lawyer. If a decision is made to plead not guilty, then a written motion may be filed by the criminal lawyer requesting a hearing for the benefit of the client on Constitutional grounds related to an illegal stop, or illegal search and seizure pursuant to Penal Code Section 1538.5. If dismissal is not achieved on search and seizure grounds, and the charges are not reduced by the prosecutor, then analysis of field sobriety tests and blood or breath alcohol tests, and other evidence, will be critical preparation for possible jury trial.

If pleading no contest is not the result desired by the client and jury trial is demanded, then thorough legal analysis of all of the evidence must be performed. For example, in DUI cases scientific blood tests are frequently considered more accurate than breath tests. However, breath tests are still powerful prosecution evidence requiring the defense to aggressively pursue every possible legal argument together with scientific expertise to be presented at trial. Attorney Mary Masi fully understands the strengths and weaknesses of both field sobriety test evidence and scientific blood and breath alcohol evidence. If you or someone you love has been charged with DUI, driving under the influence, drunk driving or other drug crimes, please remember that it is important to invoke the Constitutional right to remain silent and request to have a lawyer present for any questioning by authorities. For additional information please visit our home page.

Remember that regardless of whether a person is in custody or issued a citation to appear, the California DMV will open a case with an optional hearing regarding the suspension of their driver's license. You must request a DMV hearing within 10 days of the issuance of the citation. This information is usually located on the citation that is given by the police officer at the scene. If you do not request a hearing, then your license will probably be automatically suspended. DUI charges may be filed by the City Attorney or District Attorney as either a misdemeanor or felony DUI depending upon whether there are aggravating circumstances. The relevant Vehicle Code Sections generally are Vehicle Code Sectioon 23152(a) Driving under the influence, and Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) Driving under the influence may be presumed if blood alcohol is .08% or higher. Vehicle Code Section 23140 prohibits persons under 21 years of age from driving with a blood alcohol of .05% or higher. Vehicle Code Section 23153 deals with charges for driving under the influence and causing bodily injury to another person. There are many other sections of the California Vehicle Code that further discuss the law and penalties for DUI and drug crime charges. Feel free to call Los Angeles DUI and drug crime lawyer Mary Masi directly right now if you have questions (310) 503-6213.

Nothing contained on this page or any other page of this website is intended as legal advice because the law and facts of every case must be individually analyzed and are subject to developing case law and statutes that must be reviewed by a professional criminal lawyer. This website is intended to provide general information regarding DUI and drug crime only. Communications on this website or via e-mail do not create an attorney client relationship with a criminal lawyer.

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