Federal and State Court Fraud, RICO, and Conspiracy Allegations - Fraud Attorney Considerations

Allegations for fraud, RICO, and conspiracy may be brought in either the Los Angeles Superior Court or the Central Federal District Court. Fraud accusations strike at the integrity and reputation of the individual or entity that is accused. Fraud, conspiracy, and RICO racketeering cases are a complex area of litigation which includes a number of potential defenses at various stages of the proceedings. Allegations usually include claims of willfull misrepresentation of information that someone else relied upon to their own financial or other detriment. A lawsuit can be brought by a private party or public entity in civil court or charges may be filed by a prosecutor as a misdemeanor or felony. When a civil case is brought in state court it is sometimes possible to file a motion to have the case removed and sent to federal court instead. In federal court, the pleading standards are higher. The individual facts and circumstances of each case must be considered when a fraud lawyer weighs the strategic risks and benefits of removal into federal court. A federal lawyer must be skilled and understand thoroughly the many heightened pleading standards in federal court. Not all cases are eligible for removal. Fraud, conspiracy, and RICO cases may also be heard and tried before a jury in State Court.

Fraud Litigation in State and Federal Court in Los Angeles

Attorneys in the Los Angeles Superior Court and District Federal Court are increasingly litigating complex fraud cases like the following:

  • Internet Fraud involving advertising and sales of products and services on the internet.
  • Medical Prescription Fraud involving naracotic medications like oxycontin, valium, etc.
  • Embezzlement including stealing from private and public sector employers and investors.
  • Investment Fraud when misappropriating investor funds for personal gain.
  • RICO Fraud involving a pattern of racketeering by an enterprise. See RICO page.
  • Real Estate Fraud including mortgage and investment fraud and business transactions.
  • Business Fraud involving misrepresentations relied upon to the detriment of others.
  • Insurance Fraud by submission of false claims for insurance benefits.
  • Forgery or falsifying documents.
  • Medicare Fraud in submission of false medicare claims for patient benefits and billing.
  • Bank Fraud misrepresentations relied upon to the financial detriment of others.
  • Mail and Wire Fraud frequently underlying RICO racketeering allegations.
  • Identity Theft in stealing the identity of a person and presenting it as one's own.
  • Credit Card Fraud involving misrepresentations resulting in detriment to others.
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