Criminal Lawyer for Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter, or Three Strikes Law

Criminal defense lawyer Mary Masi has handled vehicular homicide. Her thorough investigation of witnesses and use of an accident reconstruction expert led to reduction of charges to misdemeanor reckless driving. She has also handled preliminary hearing for second strike DUI with injury. Cases involving homicide, manslaughter, and murder frequently carry severe prison sentences and should be litigated to the fullest letter of the law with an exhaustive investigation of all of the facts and circumstances. Please view our home page for more information and call for immediate consultation.

Misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter occurs in cases where there is no DUI or other seriously aggravating circumstances whereas felony charges are usually filed by prosecutors in Los Angeles when DUI charges are involved and a person is killed or the case falls within the three strikes law. Homicide can be categorized as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter or murder in the first, second, or third degree, or capital murder. Cases involving homicide are tragic for families of the accused as well as families of alleged victims. There are numerous potential legal defense strategies that may be applied in the appropriate circumstances to deal with reduction or dismissal of charges, preliminary hearing issues, search and seizure of evidence defenses, factual and legal trial defenses, and sentencing mitigatin evidence. Los Angeles criminal lawyer Mary Masi leaves no stone unturned in defending her clients no matter what the circumstances are. Her defense skill and strategy is considered relentless. For additional information please visit our home page and call (310) 503-6213 for a free initial consultation.