Criminal Probation Violations - Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles

Probation violations can bring considerable jail or prison time depending upon the circumstances. Violatins may be either internal or external. Internal violatins occur when a person fails to complete the terms of probation ordered by the court such as payment of fines, failure to complete community service, failure to complete treatment programs, and failure to appear in court. External violations include being arrested for another crime during the term of probation. If the basis for the violation is a new misdemeanor or felony case, then the probation violation matter is usually sent to the same court that has jurisdiction over the new open case so that the two matters will be resolved together in the Los Angeles Superior Court system. Any plea of no contest to a new case, can potentially violate pre-existing probation even if the open case is relatively trivial. If there is a risk of a violation of probation, then a person should have a professional criminal lawyer review all of the court files and evidence prior to any court appearance to resolve the matter.

Probation Violation Resolution and Eventual Expungement of Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Cases by Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Masi is a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles who has handled thousands of probation violations in Los Angeles courts for criminal cases including misdemeanors, felonies, strike priors, and violations with suspended sentences. She works diligently to have probation reinstated without jail time. When probation is finally completed and terminated, she can also seek expungement to further protect their record. In some cases mitigation evidence may provide an opportunity to request a hearing for early termination of probation to assist with employment concerns and background checks. For consultation, please call (310) 503-6213.